Which raw papers?

Buy Crude · Papers · PrawProducts · Cones. RAW is a cigarette paper brand created in 1995 by Josh Kesselman. They are designed to be used for smoking tobacco and cannabis. RAW filters and manual laminating machines are also available.

RAW single-width natural rolling papers are a vegan product that is not refined and is completely 100% natural. These cigarette papers are made from a pure, least-processed hybrid blend of unbleached fibers that contain no chlorine or chemicals. It is ideal for making your own cigarettes, as they use a natural hemp sealing rubber that mixes with the uniform, slow burning and very soft qualities of these smoking papers. There are 100 papers per pack and they work with a 70mm cigarette roller.

RAW natural rolling papers have developed a cult following. RAW are pure, less-processed rolling papers that don't look like anything you've ever seen or smoked. Because they contain a hybrid blend of unbleached (non-chlorine bleached) fibers, the paper is a translucent natural light brown color. RAW is so thin that you can see right through it.

The RAW Black roles are some of the best and best joint roles made by the legendary and beloved company. This weed rolling paper is described on RAW's official website as “created for a new generation as the next level of premium smoking materials. They are also considered ultra-thin RAW papers, as they are considerably thinner than classic ones, which means they are meant more for experienced rollers than novices. The best known (and loved) brand of hemp papers are RAW smoking papers because they don't break easily and have a great natural flavor.

RAW Paper is proud to be from the Spanish region of Benimarfull and follows the steps from where the first cigarette papers were manufactured. The king-size ones are actually thin RAW papers, that is, they are slightly less wide than other higher rolling papers, and are 110 mm long (a classic 1 ¼ is 84 mm). For any old-school video game enthusiast, you can consider RAW to be the Mario from Super Mario Bros. I've met a lot of people inside and outside the medical community who wouldn't hesitate to call RAW the best and healthiest smoking papers because they're light, airy, and you can taste purity.

RAW organic hemp papers are without a doubt the healthiest way to smoke marijuana if you choose to light a flower. That said, however, all raw joint papers are considerably healthier than some of the bleached and treated brands that exist. And outside of the medical community, but within the cannabis community, it would be difficult to find a smoker who disagrees that RAW are some of the best. These 1¼ RAW papers, the most classic joint paper size, are made from an organic hemp blend and have a natural tree sap gum line, resulting in little or no flavor interference.

We have the best brands of cigarette paper, including RAW, Vibes, Tyson Ranch, Futurola, Zig Zag, Pure Hemp, OCB, King Palms and Rizla, to name a few. While unrefined classic RAW papers are absolutely some of the best smoking papers on the market, the thinnest classic RAW Black papers are considered artisanal rolling accessories for connoisseurs.

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