Are raw cones vegan?

RAW is a cigarette paper brand created in 1995 by Josh Kesselman. They are designed to be used for smoking tobacco and cannabis. RAW filters and manual laminating machines are also available. Raw became the first vegan rolling role on the market, almost instantly gaining a loyal following.

To this day, the brand's popularity is largely due to Kesselman's exaggerated public personality. Raw was originally made for connoisseurs who wanted paper that didn't alter the taste of what was being smoked: tobacco, legal herbs or marijuana. Kesselman wouldn't disclose Raw's revenues, but according to Flowhub, which tracks purchases at legal cannabis dispensaries, the company has about 30 percent of the market in at least six states, including California, Colorado and Oregon. It aims to help people enjoy the benefits of raw foods and vegetables, making them easily accessible and fun for everyone.

While research firms like BDS Analytics predict that new cannabis users tend toward vaporizers and edibles, Raw doesn't run out of smoke. What makes Raw all-natural papers special is that they are made from minimally processed organic hemp fibers that do not contain chemical bleaches, like most other papers. They are vegan, thicker, longer and less wide, which is a very different style from Raws and, subjectively of course, easier to roll.

Jane Collins
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