What are raw lean cones?

RAW Classic lean cones are a very unique hand-rolled smoke. Lean cones are the same length as a RAW Classic Kingsize cone (110mm) but are thinner with a. RAW lean cones are one size fits all that are not offered by many other manufacturers. Lean cones have the same length (110 mm) as a king size RAW cone, however, they have a thinner body and a longer tip measuring 40 mm.

The cones are so thin that they have specially rolled tips made for this cone size. The advantage of the lean form is that the surface area of the herb being burned is smaller and provides a completely different flavor than traditional cones. RAW lean cones are a size that many enjoy as their absolute favorite. They are available in packs of 20 and bulk packs along with some combination packs.

RAW lean cones are 110 mm long and contain approximately 0.75 grams. The slopes are the same length as the king size cones, but thinner. RAW pre-rolled cones revolutionized the smoking industry because they are MUCH faster and easier to fill than regular cigarette paper. When it comes to RAW pre-rolled cones, it can quickly become overwhelming trying to find the best size for your needs.

The Peacemaker RAW is approximately 30% larger than the King Size cone, measures 140mm in length and contains up to 1.5g of your favorite herb. King Size cones can contain the largest amount of herbs compared to the previous ones (approximately 1.15 g) and measure 110 mm in length, just like RAW lean cones. While both RAW Organic and RAW Classic are natural options for pre-rolled cones, the main difference between them is that Organic is made of hemp, while Classic contains unbleached fibers. This size can be purchased individually in packs of 6, 32 or can be found in combination packs such as the RawKet.

If you're interested in RAW's lean pre-rolled cones but aren't sure how they would work for you, you should understand that using them is simple.

Jane Collins
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