How can you tell if raw papers are real?

The easiest way is to take out a sheet of RAW cigarette paper and light a lighter below the gum line. Make sure the lighter is far enough away so that the paper doesn't burn. If the paper you bought is authentic, you'll see that the gum line curls naturally. Although the fake papers mention Made in Spain or Made in France, they are made in China from substandard tissue paper for shoes, with a glue made from poached animals.

Acacia resin is extracted from trees similar to maple syrup, and then filtered and pasteurized before being applied to RAW paper. I can only assume that counterfeit smoking papers do not meet the necessary testing guidelines and requirements. RAW pre-rolled cones are perfect for smokers who are on the go and want an easy way to fill their joint. Each sheet is naturally held together with RAW's high fiber content, and then a watermark is applied under perfect pressure with RAW's patented cross-over printing that helps prevent runs and maintains smoother burning.

The cigarette paper sizes are different from the conventional size with the 1 ½ size or the double width rolling paper. Just like a fake Gucci bag can have symmetry issues and poor quality authentication seals, counterfeit smoking papers can have watermarks and typographical errors on the packaging. But a recent spate of police raids, civil lawsuits and product seizures indicates that stoners (and tobacco smokers) around the world should be on the lookout for fraudulent documents.

The raw papers

contain the perfect blend of unbleached natural vegetable fibers and are finished with the purest natural rubber to match the burn rate of cigarette paper.

RAW rolling papers are made from organically grown chlorine-free hemp, which brings out the true flavor of the flower. The cost may also differ; if the store knows that the smoking papers are counterfeit but cannot pass up the offer, they can offer them at a discounted rate. So how do we detect counterfeits? “Familiarizing yourself with the watermarks and quality of each brand can help the average consumer identify counterfeit smoking papers,” Anderson says. If only for this reason, real brands have an interest in keeping counterfeits out of the market to maintain the good image of their legitimate documents.

RAW manufactures classic, black and original hemp smoking papers, classified according to size and material. Republic Tobacco, a multinational wholesaler, distributor and retailer of tobacco and tobacco accessories, including smoking papers, has been at war against false papers since before the pandemic, working with federal and state law enforcement to prevent them from spreading.

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