What are raw cones made from?

The cones are rolled by hand, RAW does its best to move away from the unhealthy manufacturing practices of competitors. RAW is a cigarette paper brand created in 1995 by Josh Kesselman. They are designed to be used for smoking tobacco and cannabis. RAW filters and manual laminating machines are also available.

RAW Classic rolling papers are made of unrefined vegetable fibers and use natural tree sap for the gumline. The watermark provides a slow and even burn that swings left and right in a crisscross pattern. They come in all sizes, including pre-rolled cones. Since unrefined natural unrefined smoking papers are good for any quality of cannabis, they are our choice for obtaining the best cigarette paper in every respect.

Load the pre-rolled cones you want, pack the smoking contents well, give it a tap or two and you're done. The RAW grinder grinds and sponges smoking materials to create the perfect consistency for laminating your RAW papers. The RAW King Cones have become a huge success, as they are 110 mm long and contain approximately 1.15 g of cannabis. RAW Classic cigarette papers are carefully crafted by multigenerational paper craftsmen in the small village of Benimarfull (est.

Buying RAW papers, cones or even RAW clothing means helping to shape a better tomorrow for all. And, because each part of the RAW grinder is designed to separate quickly, you can use the integrated tooth wrench on the top of the grinder to disassemble it and add components in seconds to customize it. Then, once you have your RAW smoking shop at home fully set up, show off your expert status by wearing a stylish hoodie from RAW. RAW rolling papers contain the perfect blend of unbleached natural vegetable fibers and are finished with a pure natural rubber line to match the burn rate of cigarette paper.

Offering raw paper in your dispensary or smoke shop also shows that you care about serving different types of consumers. Because anodizing can wear out after years of use (leaving small crumbs of metal polish in the grind), RAW manufactures its grinder teeth from a high-quality aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum-magnesium alloy with a strength of 18,000 PSI. RAW products are among the most popular, respected and recognized cigarette paper brands in the cannabis community. RAW also offers a variety to choose from: classic hemp, organic hemp, artisan, Connoisseur, Creaseless, Masterpiece, wide and raw black (double pressed to make them ultra-thin).

Josh, founder and owner of RAW, conceived the idea of all-natural smoking papers, free of chemicals and harmful substances. For many cannabis users, there is something comforting and reassuring about the honey wheat color, the distinctive criss-cross watermark, and the earthy scent of RAW cones. Watermarked with a distinctive crisscross pattern, RAW natural rolling papers promote a slow and even burn. We have a long and trusting relationship with the fantastic people at RAW, which allows us to offer you the best RAW products in bulk.

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