Do raw cones come with filters?

A raw cone kit includes pre-rolled cones equipped with filter tips, a funnel called a charger, and a poker (a small stick for tamping the bud into the cone). Raw Perfecto pre-rolled cone tips are made naturally and unrefined. These tips are not filters, they act as spacers to prevent the cigarette from soaking, slipping or getting stuck in the end. They also prevent you from wasting your cigarette butt.

The first thing to know is that pre-roll cones are made with the same cigarette papers that you are used to rolling together with. The raw cones are simply already rolled into a cone for you and usually come with a filter tip already on the narrow end for your mouth. When you buy RAW Cones, the filter tip will already be integrated into the cone at the narrow end, which is very convenient. Having the tips already in the cone is really good, since all you have to do is drop your ground stash on the wide end and push it down with the packing tool.

In addition to the paper filter tips often found in cigarette paper books, built into pre-rolled cones and sold separately, you also have other options. Roll your cigarette roll with the RAW pre-rolled cone tips for a perfect shape joint and store it in a rolling tray as well. The size of raw cigarette papers with filters is drastically different, so you should know what it fits comfortably in. You can go to a dispensary and buy a pre-rolled cone already packed with a gram or more and have a great smoking experience.

You should evaluate the value you get from your raw cigarette papers with filters before considering it. Take a RAW paper, fold it in half, then place the ground tobacco product and filter through the fold. When you smoke a RAW cone, it's a lot like smoking a joint, except that it's fanned at the top in a cone shape. MeTime Box Products is proud to be a partner of RAW and offers a wide variety of its products at low prices.

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